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BMX Racing Coaching

There will be a BMX racing coaching session at the Peel Park BMX track on Saturday 20th September (tomorrow)

All riders will need their own bikes.

The session will run from 9.30am till 12.30pm during which time the track will not be open to the general public,

For further details please look at the Bradford Bandits BMX racing Club's Facebook page.


Car Parking Udate

After reaching agreement with the Council that if the Club agreed to pay for all the materials they would instal the car parking and then providing details of the materials and area to be created as a car park, the council have now come back to the Club and said they cannot help us in anyway with this project.

As a consequence the Club is going to contact local groundworks firms for quotations to tarmac the area around the containers and the area used for parking cars at present.

If anyone has any contacts who would be interested in giving the Club a quotation for this work please could they speak to a Club committee member at Tuesday's Club session or contact us via the details on this website.

I'm looking to set up trackside meetings next weekend to discuss details and get the quotes as soon as possible.

Parking-Access to the house next to the track

We understand that parking is difficult at present but please can we ask people not to block the access to the house at the side of the track.

The gentleman who lives there needs to able to get in and out of his house even when the club sessions are in progress.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Racing In the Rain IX-Round 5-Tuesday 25th February

Round 5 of the Winter series.

Gate open at 6.30pm

Registration from 6.45pm. Racing from 7.15pm.

£3 to race. All equipment available to borrow free of charge.

All Formula 5 riders get medals on the night.Rider of the Night trophy and Dash for Cash.



Unfortunately due to combination of Volunteers being Ill and expected freezing temperatures this evening we feel we are unable to run the session safely this evening. For this reason we are reluctantly having to cancel. Please spread the word!

Track rework

At the Club's annual general meeting at the beginning of December the annual discussion of how the track should be modified took place.

In 2013 the track was completely resurfaced and some modifications were made to the pro straight.

Since the AGM some further work has been done on the track in that the roller at the bottom of the start hill has been removed.

If you are interested in being involved in planning and executing further development of the track please speak to Mr W Fieldhouse and Mr M Ogden trackside and let them have your ideas, opinions and level of willingness to help as soon as possible. The work needs to be planned in before this years busy racing season gets underway in March when no doubt riders attention will start to focus on the World Championships which are being held in Holland this year.

Car Parking

This is always a problem at this time of the year but can we please ask that nobody drives their vehicles over the football pitches.

We work very hard to try and maintain good relations with the park manager. This is not easy when vehicles are driven over the pitches in wet conditions and are left rutted.

It would also be appreciated if the track up to the containers was left clear till the trailer with the bikes and cars of the volunteers who run the sessions have got up to the trackside.

We have got permission to put what we hope will be all weather parking in trackside from the council and we are trying to get work started on this early in the New Year.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.


Happy New Year-Details of the first Club session of 2014

Firstly can I wish all riders and their families and friends a Happy New Year on behalf of the Club .

The first Club session of 2014 will be on Tuesday 7th January weather permitting!

The gate up to the track will be open from 6.30pm.

All riders will be required to complete a Club membership form for 2014 before they ride.

The cost of becoming a Club member will remain unchanged at £5. Social membership will be available for parents who don’t rider but wish to support and take an active part in the Club (This will not be compulsory).

Membership will be due on 1st January 2014 and will be valid till 31st December 2014.

The cost of taking part in Club sessions for members will remain at £2.50

There will be two options for paying membership:-

  1. Pay £5 and £2.50 session fee at the first Club session attended after 1st January 2014
  2. Pay Club session fee of £3.50 for the first 5 Club sessions attended after 1st January 2014 and then £2.50 for all further sessions.

If anyone would like a copy of the membership form to complete prior to Tuesday 7th January session please contact me via email.

RC Cars on BMX Track

There has been an issue around RC cars using the BMX track that got a little out of control.  To clarify the situation:

1.  RC cars are allowed to use facilities in Bradford Parks, this includes the BMX track.

2.  Under Bylaw 42(c) if somebody wants to use a facility for its proper purpose, anyone else using it must leave.

I have tried to contact the RC community in a number of ways to discuss the opportunity for them to use the track officially at given times, but they seem uncooperative and generally abusive.  I will persist.  In the mean time if you arrive at the track to ride just politeley ask them to leave.  If they refuse simply phone the park ranger up on 01274 431000 and they will attend as soon as they can.  Let me know of any incidents, but at all times avoid conflict.


Track shut on thursday during october.  Training will return in November  - details to follow


Big News! We have been awarded 420 trees!

Trees? I hear you cry!

Yes Trees!.

420 saplings will be planted around the track which once grown will help absorb noise and block wind. Early November we will need volunteers (and spades) to get this lot into the ground!

Training Changes Winter 2013

From Next Tuesday (1st October) the way gates will run is changing! Track opens at 6:30pm. Gate practice starts at 7pm and runs until 8:30pm. Between 7:15pm and 8:00pm coaches will be present to work with riders in gates 5-8. Gates 1-3 are still available for riders to practice but be aware the gate may not drop as often.  Gate 4 will not be in use.  This change is to encourage some of the new and younger riders to start using the gate more, as many feel intimidated by older riders being on the gate as well.  However older riders may use gates 5-8 if they want their gate technique critiqued by the coaches.

Tonight (26th September) is the LAST open Thursday Coaching.  We are taking October off from enhanced coaching. From November a new scheme will be implemented so we can run properly planned and progressive sessions to benefit our riders.

Club Race Tuesday 16th July -Next round of the Club's Summer Race series

Club Race Tuesday 16th July 2013-The next round of the Club's much disrupted 2013 Summer race series

The gate up to the track will be open from 6.30pm.
£3 to race
Registration from 6.45pm
Racing from 7.30pm.
Medals for Formuls 5 riders and Rider of the Night trophy.
All welcome!
Equipment available to borrow free of charge for anyone wanting to race.

The last round was cancelled after the trackside container was broken into and the Club's PA system was stolen along with 2 brand new gazebos, all the club's tools and gloves.

We are waiting for the new PA system to arrive so there may be no music/commentary.

Track Work

Sorry to everyone that turned up last night (wednesday) to help on the track when no-one was there. We will definite be doing some work tonight - if its too wet for laying surface we will do some clearing and tidying
Week Beginning 10th June
Thanks to everyone who helped out last week with track works. A great deal of progress was made. This weeks schedule is:

Monday 10th - no work
Tuesday 11th - Gate Practice. Note there may be some minor works going on as well so part of the track may be closed off. I will also take registration for Manchester.
Wednesday 12th - Track Work - meet at 18:45
Thursday 13th - Trackwork - meet at 18:45
Friday 14th - no work
Saturday 15th - Trackwork TBC
Sunday 16th - Racing at Manchester
Club Activities
No new events.
No new events.
No new events.
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